Comedian Dr Ofweneke Hits Out at Mama Kayai for Being ‘Disrespectful’

March 20, 2015

ofweneChurchill show comedian Sande Bush aka Dr Ofweneke is not pleased with veteran actress Mary Khavere aka Mama Kayai.
Dr Ofweneke was responding to utterances made by the former Vioja Mahakamani actress over the decision by KBC to hire a youthful cast.
“We grew up watching her. She has been our role model for all those years. We so admired her. But it was wrong for her to dismiss us as just youths from Mathare and Kariobangi. Many of our artists are, in fact, a product from the slums including myself. So it was wrong for her to paint us in a bad light. It showed a lot of disrespect for the same youth who have been looking up to people like her,” he told Word Is
Ofweneke is now one of the youthful cast in Vioja Mahakamani alongside Nice Githinji, gospel singer Aliwa among others.

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