Bahati’s Heartfelt Tribute to his Late Mother

March 10, 2015

bahatiGospel star Bahati was among the many celebrities who celebrated The International Women’s day over the weekend by dedicating it to his late mother.
The young singer posted the heartfelt tribute on social media describing how her late mother inspired his hit song Mama.
This is what he posted,
This Song was One of the Realest pieces have dOne. For me it was not just a Song but a sincere expression of my heart, the inner Me. It was a Chance given by God that I might give Thanks to my late Mum#‎LUCIA_MUENI‬ for the things she taught me…#‎Utovu_Wa_Nidhamu_ndani_yangu_akaupiga‬ Until today 13 years Later your words still keep me going.
At times in my Silence I have always wished you were here and I would officially Dedicate it or sing to you as my fans do to their Mums around the Country….
Mum.. You taught me how to live with People. You said Respect & Humility is the only Degree I needed to Survive in my society. And until Now even if you chose to Leave too early your Words still make sense to me. Mum I believe you’re in a Better place I don’t know if you can Celebrate thiss??? .. If you can smile back because I just want to wish you a #‎HAPPY_WOMEN_DAY‬”

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