You Will Not Believe This Was Shiks Kapyenga Back in High School

February 6, 2015

This week we were treated to another round of Thursday throwback photos, the only day guys are allowed to share those unflattering photos from the past.
Nancy Wanjiru popularly known as Shiks Kapyenga was among those who shared an unbelievable photo worth writing home about. The comedian took us back to 2002 when she was still in high school.
She captioned it: “Again high school memories. 2002 “variety show” or rather “talent show” my friend ruth was rocking an african attire as for me..woi I was a dancer and that was my “swag” bandana, an xl ‘love thy neighbour’ tshirt na jeans kubwa kuniliko za side mbosho. Hizo socks sijui nilivaa zaa nini aki.”

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