Will Whitney Houston’s Daughter Bobbi Kristina Die Today on Her Mother’s Anniversary..?

February 11, 2015

bobWednesday is the third anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death, but speculation that Bobbi Kristina Brown’s family may have been considering that to be a time to let her go, too, is just that, Us magazine reports.
A number of news outlets have quoted sources indicating the family may have a decision to make and that Wednesday could seem like the time to make it.
The New York Post’s all-caps, front-page headline was the most explicit. “DATE WITH DEATH,” it screamed.
Christopher Brown of Brown & Rosen LLC, legal counsel for Bobby Brown, blasted recent news coverage regarding Bobbi Kristina but thanked supporters who attended a Monday night vigil in her honor.
“The Brown family is amazed by the love and support from all that attended,” he said in a statement.
He also called the matter “a criminal investigation.”
The Roswell Police Department hasn’t said much about the situation recently but is still handling it as a “rescue call,” said spokesperson Tina Holland.
Family members including Bobbi Kristina’s father Bobby Brown and grandmother and aunt Cissy Houston andPat Houston have been by her side.
Family friend Tyler Perry also has been at the hospital. He was hugely supportive to the family at the time of Whitney’s passing, lending his private plane to transport her remains from California to New Jersey where she was memorialized and buried.
Hundreds of people including members of the Brown family attended a vigil in Riverdale last night. The message was one of hope and prayer.
“God is in the healing business,” said rapper Chubb Rock, who served as the host for the evening. He recalled a friend who was in an accident once and put in a medically induced coma. Things looked grim but he ran into his friend months later.
“He said, ‘God made this happen,’” Rock recalled.
He urged supporters to remain faithful.
“All I see here is love,” he said. “We’re not here for the new world, social media. We’re here for the old world, prayer. Tonight might be a good time to hug those loved ones. Don’t take nothing for granted.”
Rajeenah K. Rajahn was one of the supporters who came to the vigil. Her daughter was once hospitalized with a brain aneurysm and placed in a medically induced coma, but survived, she said.
“God heals,” she said.
Source – AJC.com

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