Supermodel Ajuma Stars In ‘How to Catch a Dream’ Movie – TRAILER

February 9, 2015

jumaOver time, she has proven to be one of the most successful models in Kenya. Her alluring African beauty and unique height has seen Nasenyana Ajuma get lots of lucrative deals with coveted world class designers. Anyway, even with all the glamor and glitz trailing her, the sexy supermodel has taken her skills elsewhere to join the likes of Lupita in the acting world.
Ajuma has starred in a movie called ‘To Catch A Dream’ that has her playing the character of a widow who is still being haunted by the spirit of her dead husband. Through a friend, she explains the dream and they manage to come up a way of ‘catching the dream’. The movie has suspending twists though it is a little scary.
As we wait fo the official release, watch our amazing beauty Ajuma in the trailer

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