PHOTO – Rapper Collo Flaunts Hundred Dollar Bills Amounting to Ksh 3.6 Million

February 26, 2015

They keep telling us that if you work hard, you play hard but some work does not pay enough to play. One that does pay enough is rapping and making music.
When Collo dropped the hit ‘Kakiru’, he sang ‘Naomba sana nisikufe maskini’ and it looks like his prayers have been answered. He took to social media to flaunt the fruits of his hard work and it is plenty of fruit.
He had in his hand four bundles of 10,000 US dollars each. In Kenya shillings, that amounts to 3,656,980.00.
He captioned the photo, Sina Ubaya na mtu mimi. Niko sawa tu.

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