Meet Dj Tabbz…The Hottest Gospel Female Dj in Town – PHOTOS

February 5, 2015

For days on end, the local music and entertainment industry has been male-dominated. However, of late female artistes as well as deejays are increasingly jumping  in the now lucrative million-dollar career.
Well, the industry is gradually growing and going very far. Well, joining the already long and growing list of great female entertainers is Dj Tabz of System Unit. I know you have probably heard about her if not her superbb mixing skills. Here are her photos. Meet Tabbz the deejay
Dj Tabbz 6
Dj Tabbz 1
Dj Tabbz 2
Dj Tabbz 3 Dj Tabbz 4
Dj Tabbz 5

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