Hilarious PHOTOS of Karis ‘Mugabeing’

February 9, 2015

One thing that made funny headlines and kept the social media abuzz with all sorts of hilarious memes was the ‘fall of Mugabe’. Aye! In a rare and unprecedented twist of events, Zimbabwe citizens were treated to a rare spectacle when their President Robert Mugabe missed his steps on a staircase hence making him slip and fall.
Well, his ‘fall’ has gone viral with lots of social media subscribers coming up with all sorts of social media craze over the incidence. Churchill Show comedian Karis and Tukutendereza’s show hosts Dj Krowbar and Sadic have also pulled off what is now being termed as the ‘Mugabeing’ move. Here are different photos of them in the fun act.
Karis Mugabeing
Dj Sadic, Dj Krowbar

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