Dennis Itumbi Dismisses Rumours That Uhuru Has Agreed To Return The 3 Stations To Analogue

February 23, 2015

denPhoto||Dennis Itumbi Facebook

Over the weekend, there were rumours that representatives of the 3 analogue media houses had met the President in State House and given permission to resume analogue broadcast.
State House insider Dennis Itumbi dismissed the rumours on Saturday, saying that the Supreme Court ruling will be obeyed to the letter.

‪#‎DigitalMigration‬ – Ignore the Rumours, There is a Supreme Court ruling on analogue Switch off – it will be obeyed to the letter. ‪#‎NoTurningBack‬
Digital Migration will redefine advertisement and content producers will really benefit as the power moves from a few stations to an array of them.
Ownership of a TV station is now much more easier and choice of content is no longer about a station manager but the consumer and their remote.

NB: The President last night was handling South Sudan issues at KICC until 10.26pm,not meetings on digital migration as some claim.
“For the avoidance of doubt, analogue television is behind us and is now the preserve of Journalism History,” Munyori Buku, Snr. Director Public Communications

I’m not an expert or anything, but I would think the President would be the last person to support them. His station K24 is doing really well since the 3 switched themselves off, and he would probably not mind if things remained this way.

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