Caroline Mutoko’s Take on Nairobi Aviation Saga

February 3, 2015

mutWhen the name calling, the blame game, the funny memes and the demonstrations finally die-down on The Nairobi Aviation College expose – and we all have a sober moment to reflect – I hope we will ask ourselves two simple questions:
1. If the bogus certificate you are buying is saving you 3/4 years of fees at a cost of roughly Kshs. 300,000/=, surely the cost of that certificate should be at least HALF the value of the fees.
3,000/= just doesn’t cut it!!! When are we going to look out for ourselves enough to question even our dodgy deals.
2. As parents and guardians – when is the future of our children going to matter enough for us to get involved all the way. Kids don’t pay their own fees. We can look for people to blame and we will and we are – but the buck stops with us.
Someone realised that we don’t care enough and are not diligent enough, we are not involved enough – and saw a gap…….
Have an involved day
Caroline Mutoko

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