“5 Things I Hate About Valentine’s Day” – H_Art The Band’s Kenneth Muya

February 11, 2015

kenchezWith a few days to go to Valentine’s Day, lady fans of H_art the band will be shocked to learn that one member of the high flying band is anti-valentine’s.
Kenneth Muya aka Kenchez, the band’s guitarist revealed the 5 things he hates about Valentine’s and one of the reasons is over the hiked prices of chocolate.
Check them out:
1. Do you really have to publicise your love on that specific day? What about the rest of the days? Where is the love?
2. I’m a chocolate freak. I hate that it tbecomes expensive on Valentine’s Day for no reason.
3. Clubs are always crowded with couples. That leads to depression (laughs).
4. Red all over! It gets annoying at some point.
5. I get long texts from women I barely know. Where do they come from?

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