Vanessa Chettle Blasts Designer over 1500/- Deal

January 7, 2015

In Kenya you ought to never joke around with any socialite because she will shame, expose you and soil your name. In that context, a designer by the name Joanette Shiko was served her dish of shame when all hell broke loose after a deal between her and socialite Vanessa Chettle failed to sail well.
The story goes that ‘the designer’ used to sell miss Chettle some goodies and pick her payment after delivery. The bone contention earthed up after the seller asked Vanessa for 1500/- a figure she alleged as an outstanding balance. After miss Chettle failed to pay up, the designer took to social media, exposed her number and started streaming threats to the socialite something which irked and agitated her into this reaction below.

Okay Joannette or whatever you call yourself..I’ve ignored the fact that you went on to the internet and had some strange women call me to threaten me not forgetting exposing my phone number…all these acts being illegal
But I still let u have your seconds of fame.
Now that u actually have media houses calling me….let’s set things straight..!!
FIRST : I’ve never even met you!
Our first transaction was made on instagram for 1000/= only (see screenshot)
Remember that?
Which then followed to two more and after that I’ve never bought anything from you since September.
SECOND: No transaction was ever made through me,my ex husband paid u as u delivered them at laico
So who were u really chasing around??
THIRD: I don’t recall owing you anything I remember you still sending me dresses on whatsapp and I was too busy to meet up making you even suggest a 200/= delivery fee to my location.
So honey if there really is a “1500/= balance”
Why didn’t you ask my ex husband while you were on top of him the second I left?
Oh yes,lets not expose that dirty linen too…unless I have to
Buyer beware?
Now kindly grow up
You’ve got the limelight you so deeply urged for

Vanessa Chettle Joanette Shiko

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