Shame as Capital FM Deletes Old Article Linking Ruto To Weston Hotel

January 26, 2015

Yesterday, I saw an interesting Twitter conversation on why the police officer who recorded the Keter video chose to give it to bloggers instead of the mainstream media.
Seeing how much the likes of Nation, Royal Media and KTN are in bed with the government, bloggers are increasingly the only trusted source of fearless information.
You can bet that if for instance the same clip was handed to NTV, it would have been buried so deep there would even be no whispers.
For instance, when stories linking Deputy President William Ruto to Weston hotel started to earth up, Capital FM decided to delete theirs hoping to bury the truth.
They had published it back in 2013 when there was really no scandal. When things heated up last week, they tried to cover it up ostensibly not to upset the government.
It is a really shameless act by a media that proclaims itself to be free and unbiased. It also tells us that we should never trust the radio station for any real news.
Its owner Chris Kirubi just got the nearly 200 billion shillings coal project in Lamu, and I’m sure he was ready to give up one bad story about to DP so he can keep the contract.
Anyway, they forgot that Google does not forget. Here’s a cache of the original page.
After Kenyans got on to them, they opted to return the article online without the Weston Hotel bit. Screenshots had however already been taken.
And then the backlash.

Even on the comments on their own website.

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