Moses Kuria Apologizes To Ciru for Oburu’s Statement, Then Says Fidel was Impotent

January 12, 2015

moses kuriaOur politicians are stooping to new lows every single day. We’ve always complained how they turn funerals to political arenas, but we at least thought they’ll give the Odinga family some respect.
We were soon proven wrong after politician after politician took advantage of the large crowd and live TV coverage to gain cheap political mileage.
When Fidel’s uncle Oburu Odinga took the mic, he revealed a loose tongued side of him we’ve not seen. Taking cue from his sister Ruth Odinga, he shamelessly humiliated Fidel’s first wife Veronica Wanjiru.
Twitter was not happy, and Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria was particularly irked.
For once I was standing on the same side with him, until he made this tweet.
People will just not let the dead rest.

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