gerActor Gerald Langiri had added his voice on the reported saga of Kathy Kiuna banning poor people from her church. Writing on Facebook, the actor had this to say.
But ‪#‎KathyKiuna‬ isn’t holding a gun to anyone’s head and forcing them to attend her church!So what’s with the noise? If anything, she is clearly stating who she wants to preach to(the rich! for obvious reasons) So enough already oh yea believers,all you have to do is attend another church that you believe that your faith will be fed the “right” information to make yea ascend to heaven.
The hilarious part is that if you do stop attending her church, that means you are broke lol (Her rich niggas stand to the left, her broke niggas stand to the right lmao) I digress..but Yes, imagine you actually do have a choice to which church you can attend smile emoticon make the right choice, attend none for a while like me (unless you are forced to like when attending a funeral or wedding) and instead, understand what spirituality is and what it entails and you will realise that most of the man made religions we have around nowadays are all out there to use your faith and the name of God to make themselves rich!
Peace be with you and “may the odds always be in your favor”..fine that last quote is from the hunger games but it really fit in with my speech, right? lol I’m sure believers that subscribe to other faiths right now are like *smh* look at all those lost souls, they should just change camps! *sigh* matters of faith are tricky I tell you.