Forget About ‘SELFies’ Here Comes ‘USies’ (Photos)

January 16, 2015

It all  started with a ‘SELFie’ then came the ‘GROUNDie’, the ‘CLIMBies’, ‘FALLies’, ‘FLYies’ and the social media madness is still on. Well, all that might now be a thing of the past. In fact as we bridged over 2015 they were left in 2014. This new year has brought us a new hash tag dubbed ‘USie’.
An #USie will be used to describe photos that have two or more of a group of people pictured together with a camera phone. And, mark you  a SELFie means a self photo. Here are some photos of how USies look like
#USie 2
#USie 3
USie 1

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