‘Captain Phillips’ Star Barkad Abdi Shooting New Movie About Eastleigh Terrorists… in South Africa

January 12, 2015

Somali Oscar nominee Barkhad Abdi has bagged a new role in a new Hollywood thriller dubbed ‘Eye in the Sky.
The ‘Captain Phillips’ Star is set to play a character named Jama Farah, a terrorist gang leader based in Eastleigh, Nairobi.  ‘Eye in the Sky’ is set to be an action packed film about a drone mission whose goal changes due to new findings about their target.
The bad news for the Kenyan film industry however is that the film is being shot in South Africa.
Here is a photo of Barkhad on the set of the movie set to be released this year.
captain phillipsThe actor will be starring alongside veteran silver screen star, Helen Mirren.
Thanks to his sterling role in Captain Phillips, Barkhad has also landed a high-profile guest-starring gig on cop drama ‘Hawaii 5-0.’ According to Entertainment Weekly he will play a character named Roko Contee, a Congolese warlord who at one time was the most wanted man in the world.

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