VIDEO: Noti Flow Makes Debut in Music Industry With Single ‘Queen’

May 15, 2014

She’s new in the industry and sizzling hot too. Yeah, her charming looks and alluring voice will definitely take you away. She goes by the name Noti Flow and has made debut in the music industry with a hit single dubbed ‘Queen’ which also came with a video.
 “The Queen song is all about trying to shut those guys who go out showing off claiming to be the best in the industry when the plain truth is that they are not.” Said the lyrical rapper.
She signs out at the end of the track by hitting and taking shots at fellow rappers who give themselves titles such as ‘King Wa Rap’. This title ‘King Wa Rap’ happens to be the Collo’s moniker. Its not clear whether she was referring to the Klepto rapper but lets hope she bit what she can chew.
Check out the video.

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