Redsan Announces New Album in its Final Touches

May 5, 2014

Redsan-1Kenyan dancehall ace, Redsan, has been quiet for some time (musically speaking) and it is with good reason. He is set to break the silence with a brand new album. Swabri Mohamed aka Redsan, broke the news on his Facebook account and promised his fans the album will be out soon enough.
Despite not revealing all the finer details about the impending album, he assured his fans that he is working hard and harassing his management to complete the finishing touches.
Here’s what he posted
once again thank you to all my beautiful friends out there, the ones i share memories with and the ones who are still making new ones with me..;-], i wish you guys all the best. thank you for the lovely wishes… and to all my fans around the world the new album is finished trust me I’m harassing management to not to delay it too long… i also can’t wait I’m just as anxious too… but patience is a virtue and all good things come to those who wait and plan patently…;-].. mr badder dan will be in touch soon…;-]
As usual we will keep you updated.

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