PHOTO – Check Out Where Avril Gets Her Alluring Looks From

May 19, 2014

Avril1Since her breakthrough into the music industry scene, Avril is undoubtedly a Kenyan darling. Her baby face and her good girl next door demeanor makes her easily lovable.
She has made some of the most listened to music in Kenya and the East African region and she continues to. In addition to that, she impressively showcased her acting skills in Shuga and went on to land a permanent role in Sumu La Penzi. Avril Nyambura is also engaged to wed a South African businessman and that is as close as we get to knowing about her personal life..atleast for now.
Another personal detail about Avril is where she gets her gorgeous looks from: her mother. She finally let us in on her through this photo.
Check her out
avril mum

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