MOG Condemns Artistes Cheating Their Way to Stardorm

May 16, 2014

mogDuring ‘our days’ – a common phrase with the elderly, people wrote and released music primarily due to passion, talent and the gift that many were not blessed with. These days, things seem to be taking quite a different turn as artistes are releasing hit after hit just in the name of making money and winning awards.
Well, it’s been alleged that artistes are now opening fake accounts to get more votes to out do their competitors in awards. The boss of music group MOG is one person who seems to have noticed this and has decided to condemn it as it’s not moral neither part of living as a christian. He believes that opening fake emails to vote is not right and involved parties do not deserve to win.
This is what the lad had to say to the cheats. ”I remember back in the days when we were starting as M.O.G during chaguo la teeniez,Kisima and other awards you could know how big ua fan page is by the numbers of votes,I remember winning 3 wards at once at chaguo awards with zing zing it took us by surprise our days it’s different artist vote for themselves through fake accounts I wonder who they r lying to except themselves,doing this means you know you don’t deserve to win so you choose to announce yourself a winner.its like cheating in an election may God help us”
What do you make of it?

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