Kidero Joins Moyes and Teacher Wanjiku… Kenyans Rejoice With Memes and Jokes

May 14, 2014

Does it surprise anyone that Nairobi Governor has no friends?
Yesterday, the Court of Appeal sent him packing, on the grounds that the High Court in Nairobi did not give Waititu a good hearing in his petition. The only hope for Kidero now lies with the Supreme Court, and he better pray really hard to his God that the rule his way.
In his short time as governor, he has lost support from virtually all quarters. He slapped Shebesh and many women were not with him. He raised parking fees, and everyone was not with him. Rating his performance side by side with Machakos’ Mutua, Kidero is a distant second.
Kenyans are known to elect leaders not guided by their performance, but rather by their tribe, political parties and loyalty to party leaders.
Kidero however broke all political rules and was often seen as anti-Raila. Just weeks after he was elected, he was ‘sleeping around’ with Jubilee, snubbing Raila and CORD, not attending ODM meetings, and trying to outshine the former Prime Minister in Nyanza by donating millions in Harambees.
Should the Supreme Court rule against him, you can be certain that ODM will not have his back, and frankly speaking, neither will TNA (they have Waititu).
Anyway, whatever party he decides to contend on, he will have to overcome a very big challenge; a whole lot of Kenyans who dislike him.
These were some of the tweets and memes yesterday.

Kidero must be wishing to get that annoying safaricom sms” your data bundles is below 2mb” when he logs in to twitter tonight #kideroout – @dangacheru
I wondered why they kept impeaching Wambora, Kidero should have been the first one impeached. #KideroOut – @Madonah12
Ati newspapers headlines will be: “COURT SLAPS KIDERO OUT” #KideroOut
Hamna huruma! Looool – @mmnjug
Mutua is making life easy for Machakos people Nairobi Governor anafanya maisha iwe Ngumu sana..#Kideroout #matatustrike – ‏@Khamalar
I just dislike #Kidero because he’s not a leader. He’s never proven to be a people’s man. His work is to raise parking fee’s. #KideroOut – @Madonah12
The only people who can re-energise his base in his favour are the very people who are against him in his party. #KideroOut – @michreon7
Kidero has lost control of the political base that put him in power. #KideroOut- @michreon7
He has also lost the swing-vote that tipped him over. #KideroOut – @michreon7
Where’s the eviction party at? #KideroOut – @FelistaWangari
Kidero trashed the 48 Laws of Power. Now who will stand with him if there is a re-run #KideroOut  – @IsaiahGithinji 
It’s times like these that Kidero wishes he had worked like Mutua. #KideroOut – @oryedoh
We wish Kidero a successful Career alongside Teacher Wanjiku, Moyes & Shollei #kideroout – @jaymutonyi
Haha!! Kidero will be waiting for That city hall radio station ….maybe he can be radio presenter huko… #KideroOut.. – @BrianOketch
#KideroOut it should have been done last year! – @vergylove
#KideroOut dancing wuiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! – @vergylove
Karma is real! Kidero slapped Shebesh and today someone else slapped him! #KideroOut – @moniangoh2030
#KideroOut this guy was so out of touch with the real issues of Nairobi, governor of the rich as if they are the only ones who voted 4 him – @WandiaNgure
#KideroOut tribeka is my destination for celebration, I voted for this guy score sheet zer – @obachi_alfy
@eddiebutita: #kideroOut kidero ameWAMBORALiwa” muhahahaa
breakn newz Kidero got Moyesd by high court #KideroOut – @chemubecky
since Kidero used to do most harambees in Nyanza.. cjui ka ataenda ku campaign uko pia? – ‏@OneSantuz
ODM can show Kidero who is laughing now – @ItsMutai
kidero had overrated himself – @prince1drake
@Boynayo: Waititu sai anadraft c.v yake mbio mbio coz ile ingine aliroll nayo weed..”
If RAO vies for Nairobi Governor I can only advice him not to wish himself good luck. – @kevoice
Kidero removes his mask to reveal RAO.- @kevoice


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