Kenneth Marende Denies Growing Bhang in His Garden

May 5, 2014

marendeFormer National Assembly speaker, Kenneth Marende has denied allegations that he has a small garden he uses to grow bhang in his compound in Vihiga. This follows claims by a woman who called a radio station during a phone-in show.
Marende, who was known for his ‘Solomonic wisdom’ during his tenure in office laughed off the allegations.
“That is not true since I have police officers guarding my home in Vihiga. Even nearby local authorities could have known that I have the illegal plant in my compound. Do you want to tell me that the officers are guarding bhang? Anyone is free to go and confirm if I have them, even you,” Marende told The Nairobian.
The young woman had called a local radio station on April 24 alleging that she is an immediate neighbour of the former speaker in Vihiga and that she has the illegal plants in her compound. She claimed that since marijuana grows uncontrollably in Vihiga, there is a possibility that Marende grows the bhang too.
“Let me contribute on behalf of Bunyore. It is true that we smoke because bhang grows everywhere in our gardens, even our former speaker, Kenneth Marende, Knows that because he is my neighbour. I am very sure even his garden has some weed too,” she claimed.
Marende said that the woman was trying to drag his name into unnecessary topics.
“I don’t know why these local radio stations are trying to drag my name into their dirty discussions; they think I am a candidate of their erotic shows..let’s just leave them alone,” he said.
Additional reporting by Nairobian

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