Diamond’s Partially Done Hit ‘Kitorondo’ Leaked.

May 13, 2014

Nataka Kulewa hit maker Diamond has had a steady growth in his musical career, making him one of the most sort after musicians in East Africa. His art in music is genuinely one of a kind, breath taking and worth dying for, just to say the least.
The flamboyant lad has hit the international level in music standards. This comes with a price, for it’s not easy to come by as an array of challenges face the uphill task of achieving those standards. Lately, his ‘undone’ song ‘Kitorondo’ was aired without his permission. Diamond says the song was going to be among his hit songs and having being leaked before completion will pull down the songs quality.
“Moja ya nyimbo zangu ambzo ziko store hazija toka nimeikuta mtandaoni na sijui imefikaje, tena ikiwa kwenye mfumo wa Voicenote, yaani haina quality kabisaa.. Tafadhali, kwa yoyote atakaeipata Asiitumie kwenye media ama hadhara, kwasababu Haijatoka na haiko qualified.” He said.
The singer has embarked on a plan to have the damage under control before worse gets to worst. Well, we hope all will end up fine.

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