Teacher Wanjiku’s Bid to Return to Churchill Show Fails

April 14, 2014

Teacher-wanjiruTeacher Wanjiku’s much anticipated return to Churchill Show appears to have hit a snag. After quitting the show to venture on her own, the comedienne achieved dismal success. This prompted her to pull the plug on the self titled show Teacher Wanjiku, and has since been trying to negotiate a return to the show that saw her become an endearing household name.
The talks with the show’s producers have been going on for weeks but reports have it that they have reached a deadlock. According to Waudo Munyasa, the head of  communications at Laugh Industry – producers of Churchill Show, the talks have been put on hold until further notice.
“There is no bad blood between Churchill Show and Teacher Wanjiku, the talks have just been suspended. On a personal level, everything is okay but when it comes to work, I can confirm that no negotiations are going on now,” Waudo told Nairobi News.

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