Prezzo and Awinja Star in Latest Martial Arts Series ‘Simiyu Samurai’

April 10, 2014

Simiyu_Samurai_2Thanks to her impressive performance on Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandula, Jacky Vicke, who plays Awinja in the thursday night show, has become one of the most coveted actresses in recent times. She is now featured in Kenya’s first web-based martial arts series dubbed Simiyu Samurai. 
Jacky plays Zinzi, but the main character is Simiyu Samurai. Born and raised in Japan, he relocates to rural Kenya after his parents are killed in a tsunami. Living with his grandmother and niece in Bukuluku village, he is thrust into a world terrorized by an evil gang with political connections. When his grandmother’s life is threatened, he is forced to act to protect his only remaining family. His weapon?..the martial arts he learnt in Japan.
More interestingly, rapper Prezzo is also in the series acting as Governor.
Watch it here

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