PHOTOS – Sonko ‘Adopts’ Baby Osinya… Hosts Him for Dinner in His House

April 14, 2014

As much as many say that Sonko’s deeds are motivated by the camera, I’m of the opinion that it doesn’t matter, as long as they impact the lives of others positively.
Last week, the controversial senator hosted Baby Osinya and his dad at his home, and promised to take care of him as his own son.
He revealed this on his Facebook page with the following post.

Just few hours ago I chatted and had supper with Baby Osinya and his dad. Indeed it is true , the devil is a liar he was defeated 1000 years ago. This not cheap publicity but God has really touched me.I have decided to take in Osinya as my own son. I will take care of the innocent child like my own son, I will try all my best and see this Baby gets the best education and live the life he deserves.
Will also assist empowering the father and thanks to Hon. J. Kutuny and many promising him a job Everything happens for a reason, Baby Osinya is a blessing to all of us and one day Baby Osinya will help many people. Like Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, i believe that I met Baby Osinya for a reason and he will one day become a force to reckon with. God bless Baby Osinya and his family especially his elder brother Gift who was the first one to lift him up after he was shot. May God also rests Osinyas mum in eternal peace.

Here are the photos.

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