PHOTOS – Meet Xtatic’s Boyfriend and Adorable Daughter

April 3, 2014

Rapper Xtatic, real name Gloria Mecheo, is easily one of the hottest female emcees in the industry for her lyrical versatility and her beautiful looks. She is an eye candy to many men and she has managed to keep her private life on the hush hush until recently when she started sharing photos of her boyfriend on Instagram.
And to further break many men’s hearts she is madly in love. Xtatic also has a daughter and for the first time we get to see her. She posted photos of the two ‘loves’ of her life on Instagram.
Check them out
Captioned :
“Shout to one @ByronHeenie for his photography awesomeness of me and my MAAAAAIN MAIN like the only main thang … #loveyoubae @mushkingfx #hehasnaturallyshapedbrows #theygivemyfakeonesarunforthemoney On @stellamwangi ‘a exclusive KOoLIO Nairobi party launch … And guess what you can check it out because WORD Is IT’S OUT NOW. #koolerthanKoolio”
“Yesterday when trying out the red lippie I feel negatively about lol #thisishoweroll #sheismeiamher #mydaughtermylovemylife”
Xtatic youngin

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