PHOTOS – Eric Omondi’s Having a Nice Time in The US

April 4, 2014

Top comedian Eric Omondi’s USA untamed tour is still underway and he has been enjoying himself hard,  if the photos he has been posting are anything to go by. Eric left on 26th March all set to perform in six states: California, Houston, Seattle, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Memphis.
The comedian has already performed in California and Houston and is slated to perform in Baltimore, Minnesota and Seattle on Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively.
Here’s his journey so far in pictures.
Hey guyz am leaving for the USA tonight for the Eric Omondi Untamed Tour in 6 states California, Houston, Seattle, Minesota, Pennsylvania and Memphis. As usual ill be relying on your prayers. Baraka.
Eeeeeeeiiiii yawa thoooo kama hii ndio America sirudi nyumbani!!! Eric Omondi Untamed Tour, USA.
Kenyans living and Working in Dubai…si wanakaa poa lakini ku ongea sheng nayoo…Eric Omondi Untamed the USA tour.
Just landed in L.A California…15 hours flight from Dubai…I rest now tomorrow first show in California…Eric Omondi Untamed Tour.
Entering Hollywood now…going for the sound check for tonight’s show. Eric Omondi Untamed California.
Streets of Hollywood auditioning for a movie.
Saw this on a Mexican track on my way to Dallas Texas…hata wajibambe Lupita ni wetu.
Ugali Chapati na nyama the kenyan way!!! Club Nai…Dallas Texas, USA. Eric Omondi Untamed Tour. Huku ni 11:34 usiku.
Huyu ni mkenya amezaliwa Dallas Texas, USA. Anaitwa Michelle hebu tumpatia jina ya ki Kenya.
Eric Omondi Untamed Houston was great!!! Thanks guyz for your support and prayers. Three more to go Baltimore Friday, Minesota Satuday and Seattle Sunday.
Hey Guyz thanks for the support. California and Houston done now headed to Seattle , Baltimore , then Minnesota. Muendelee kuniombea. Baraka

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