PHOTO – Kemboi ‘Falls In Love’ With Eve D’Souza

April 15, 2014

Ezekiel+Kemboi+Olympics+Day+9+Athletics+5D8drvofik1lRenowned radio presenter Eve D’Souza was on Sunday in the company of World 3000 Metres SteepleChase champion Ezekiel Kemboi. The two were participants at the Tusker Twende Kazi reality show, tasked with delivering a bottle of Tusker lager to celebrated Rugby player Humphrey Kayange.
Eve, through her Facebook page shared a photo of the two cosying up to each other and was on hand to joke that it was the day Kemboi fell in love with her or her hair.
Captioned: The day Ezekiel Kemboi fell in love with Eve…alas it was just my hair! 🙁
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