Patrick Maina of Gospel Group BMF Urges Kenyans To Remain Strong Amidst Terrorist Attacks

April 25, 2014

Lately, Nairobi and other major town in Kenya have been targeted by the Al-Shabaab terrorist group. Kenya has hundreds of innocent citizens, since our soldiers went to Somalia. Most recent was the Pangani blast in which Inspector General of Police confirmed that four died in the blast.
Celebrities have come out to encourage Kenyans to say strong and put in this trying times. Patrick Maina, of gospel group BMF had this to say on Facebook.
“Fellow Kenyans, good morning. It is at times like these when grenades are exploding right,left and center and loosing many of us that we must not allow fear to creep in.

This is a tactic that the enemy always uses because he knows that once fear grips us,we loose hope and thus become weak when fighting him. We must let these cowards know that we will stand together as a people and that nothing can or will ever divide or make us fearful.
We are not cowards, we will not run and hide, we will face them and because God is on our side we will defeat them. We cannot loose hope and so let us remain vigilant and together we will defeat the enemy. God bless you and may God bless Kenya.”
May God grant us peace and give us courage to forgive and remain strong.

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