Are P-Square Brothers Set For Break Up?

April 23, 2014

News about power twins Peter and Paul Okoye of P-Square splitting has gone viral following a series of activities that have been taking place in the recent past.
Their elder brother, Jude Okoye, who has been the backbone of the group in terms of business and management, quit his role held for 10 years as the manager at Okoye camp and the music dynasty. This was his tweet.

A credible source close to the brothers accounts the ordeal, “The brothers actually started by their PAs. Jude’s PA, Wande, was said to have given money to Peter’s PA, Shege to get his car registered but Shege allegedly spent it on something else. This angered Jude’s PA who stormed Squareville to confront Shege.
They got into a heated argument which resulted in a serious and bloody fight. Peter then reportedly came in and joined in the combat. He was about to hit Jude’s PA with a pen when Paul held him to prevent him and in anger, Peter allegedly swung his free hand, landing his twin brother a big blow that made him fall to the ground but he didn’t fight back. Their elder brother Tony allegedly joined in, pounced on Peter and started beating him.”
Reports have it that Peter wants to manage their funds and get more money allegedly due to financial pressure from his wife but Jude has always been in charge and Paul wants it to stay that way.

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