OJ Was Fired From Tahidi High for Being an Alcoholic

April 28, 2014

oj babyOJ was for a long time a house hold name during his time at Citizen TV’s Tahidi High. He made sure a lot of us were always tuned in for his mischief and antics in the high school drama. When he no longer was part of the cast, most of us thought the show would end. Even though it still airs, it’s popularity ratings cannot be compared to when he was still in the television series.
There was no word on why exactly he left Tahidi, but rumors had it that he got mixed up with drugs and alcohol. Well, the rumors were not far off. In a recent interview with Pulse magazine, OJ real name Dennis Mugo, confessed that he was in deed fired for being an alcoholic. Apparently, he was always the last person on set and sometimes failed to attend field work.
The father of one, however claims to have reformed and is set to make a major comeback.

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