Nazizi Ventures Into Manicure Business, Claims It’s Her Passion

April 2, 2014

Nazizi faceKenya’s first lady of rap, Nazizi recently announced a major comeback in the music industry and she is not stopping there. She is set to venture into fashion and has already started working on her nail business. This is rather odd and unexpected from Nazizi considering she has always had a tomboyish look.
Nazizi was speaking to The Star when she revealed that she has always been passionate about doing nails.
“Beside the music projects, I’m working on a beauty project called Nail Stickers by Nazizi. I love doing my nails but I rarely have time. It is the same with most professional ladies who also don’t have time to get a manicure regularly but with the nail stickers, they will be able to purchase them, put them on, file them and you are done.”
She added, “I have them in cool and funky colours and some are glow. This is the first run but I will bring in more. I want to do more fashion stuff.”
When asked why she chose the nail business,  she said,  “This is something I’m passionate about- only my close friends and family know about it. I have been doing it for them. While I never get the time to do it, I want to share this new found love with everyone and dedicate more time to do this.”
Nazizi also plans to release more singles off her new 14 track album dubbed Evo-lussion and it’s great to see her getting back on her feet.

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