Lesbian Only Cemetery Opens in Germany

April 8, 2014

cemeSo that the ‘lesbian community can live together in the afterlife’

A new burial area reserved for lesbians is opening this weekend in Berlin.
Basically, a 400-square-meter section of the existing Lutheran Georgen Parochial cemetery will be set aside for gay women, with space for up to 80, the Associated Press reports.
The Safia association, a national group primarily for elderly lesbians, said it created this space as a place “where life and death connect, distinctive forms of cemetery culture can develop and where the lesbian community can live together in the afterlife.”
The group has promised to clean up, landscape and maintain the area in return for free use of the space. Dr. Astrid Osterland, a member of Safia, told German newspaper The Local that this effort has “absolutely nothing against men” and that technically, there are no rules prohibiting men (or heterosexual women) from selecting plots in the lesbian section.
But, since the whole point is to preserve the bonds of the lesbian community, we assume they really only want lesbians.

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