Leaked AUDIO Reveals Plot To Assassinate Robert Alai in The next 30 Days

April 14, 2014

robRobert Alai has always been a targeted man. Most of it has been legal, with many high profile individuals taking him to court for defamation. These include: Alfred Mutua, Francis Kimemia and William Oduol.
He has a huge social media following, with over one hundred thousand followers on Twitter alone. His tweets have earned him a lot of friends and enemies, and the list of the latter seems to be growing.
On Saturday, Alai through his affiliate blog Kahawa Tungu, posted an audio of a conversation between men believed to be TNA strategist Moses Kuria and Anti-ICC campaigner David Matsanga.
Together with other unidentified individuals, the two appear to be having a cup of tea while discussing matters of ‘national importance’, or what we normal people refer to as gossiping.
In the whole conversation, the arrogance and impunity of the guy said to be Matsanga is evident, especially when he starts explaining how he bullied Standard CEO Sam Shollei in his own office, after the Nairobian newspaper published a negative story about him. Curiously, he talks of Shollei being summoned to State House, something that has been rumoured in the blogosphere these past few weeks.
The kind of talk those guys are having really makes you wonder whether the president knows the kind of people surrounding him.
On Robert Alai, promises of his death in the next one month are made by the guy rumoured to be Moses Kuria. He says that he will deal with the blogger so that no one else will have to go through the same… Perhaps I should take you back a few weeks ago.
Jeff Koinange recently hosted Moses Kuria on the bench. As he was reading through the tweets, like he normally does, Jeff read out Alai’s.
“Instead of making noise on TV, Moses Kuria should pay his employees.” he wrote.
Moses was evidently not amused, calling Alai a certified Lunatic. 
It is that tweet that made Alai the subject of that private conversation.
The blogger has since reported to the police that his life is in danger, and it remains to be seen whether any action will be taken.
Listen to the audio below.

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