Khaligraph Hits Back At Octopizzo In Latest Freestyle Diss, Brushes Off G Kon

April 8, 2014

khaligraphHip hop fan or not, you are aware of the beef between Khaligraph and Octopizzo that elicited a lot of reactions and just when we thought it was to put to bed after Octopizzo replied to the initial diss by Khaligraph, the latter hit back in a freestyle diss when he was being hosted at Homeboyz radio.
Speaking about the diss by G kon, he said he would not be replying to that because there is no beef with him.
“I’m proud of the fact that the rapper is actually doing something for himself, but you go ahead and diss me with no proper basis? What the hell is that?  I heard the diss track, it was a nice attempt… I just can’t go ahead and start dissin’ someone if we don’t have issues. If I have to diss you, then there’s a little bit of respect I got for you to some extent. As far as G-kon goes, I’m gonna let him do his thing, I’m not going to respond to that coz I don’t have issues with him,” he explained.
Khaligraph is currently working on several projects, among them a new track with Uganda’s Navio.
Listen to the reply freestyle diss below

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