Inkane’s Hit Maker Ambassador Comes Out To Support Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill

April 29, 2014

Inkane’s hit maker Ambassada has come out to support Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni’s Anti-Gay bill which was passed sometime this year.
According to Ghetto Radio, Ambassada announced his solidarity with Museveni’s bill saying that he supports the cause of action taken against the gay community in Uganda, during an interview on GNL with Esther Kagamba and Dj Ruff.
He is craved by the mentality; ‘God didn’t make us that way so he fails to understand why people choose act like that.’
This comes shortly after the singer’s Facebook account was hacked and a public announcement that he was gay made. This  caused quite an uproar among his online and gospel fans. Ambassada was quick though to set the record straight and further to affirm his stance on Homosexuality.
The recent backing of the Ugandan bill has however opened a fresh can of worms as there are many activists, christians and other members of the general public who find it a rather harsh stance against the gay community.
Ever since the bill was implemented in Uganda, it has seen the imprisonment and even mob violence on anyone suspected to be gay .
Some people, more so Christians, argue that Ambassada should not promote the bill which they feel is not in accordance with God’s commandment to love your neighbour.
Would you support his ideology on gaysm and his zeal in supporting the Bill in Uganda?

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