Former Tusker Project Fame Contestant Nakaaya Lashes out at Irresponsible Baby Daddy

April 17, 2014

kaya fierceAfter Tanzanian singer Nakaaya Sumari left Kenya for her home country after participating in the first season of Tusker Project Fame, things were looking up for her. She released Mr Politician, a smash hit which was well received across East Africa.
She then met international rapper MI and the two dated for a while but it never lasted. She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy in October last year and it looks like she has been left in the cold with regards to the upkeep of the baby. An angry Nakaaya lashed out at her baby daddy on Instagram for failing to take responsibilty.
Here’s what she had to say
Real talk, don’t just make babies and run your mouths around town like you actually raise them when you have never spent a single cent. Real men raise their babies. Real me actually care and are proud of their children.Only cowards do otherwise. So next time you shamelessly ride around town being a jigalo remember God sees all this and people do too. Its a pity, yes i said it,” read the post.
Here are some photos of the adorable baby boy

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