10 Things You Did Not Know About Wyre

March 21, 2014

wyreHe has been nominated as the world best male artist in the upcoming world music awards. He is also known for his superb voice and talent in dancehall music but his biggest moment was probably when he featured Alaine in the jam nakupenda pia. That should have sold me out but if you are yet to figure out who am talking about, it is none other than Wyre the love child.
Despite being a household name, very little is known about his personal life. Is he married? What was his first car? Who was his first girlfriend? The answers to this questions will shock you. These are ten things you probably never new about him.

  1. His first car was a Subaru impreza
  2. His favorite car manufacturer is BMW
  3. He doesn’t use drugs
  4. He got his first girlfriend at class 8
  5. His ideal dream girl is his wife
  6. He studied mass communication
  7. His first time on stage was back in Highschool where they performed an acapella with his friends.
  8. He says he still trying to get famous
  9. He has a liking for sean John clothes
  10. His best moment is when he warn the best upcoming artist in the International Reggea Awards.


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