Villagers Band Celebrate Lupita In New Dholuo Song

March 11, 2014

Chris-Adwar-Alano-SucreThe African culture is just the best. When we are happy or sad, we express our feelings through art and music. Some tribes like the Luo name their children after great events and people. There is no doubt that many children born during this award season have been named Lupita. Many Twitter handles have also been changed to celebrate the Oscar winner. Looks like Kenyans are not yet done celebrating Lupita.
Villagers band lead singer, Chris Adwar, has released an awesome dholuo song about Lupita. In the song, Chris sings about her beauty, fashion sense and of course her superb acting. The song also comes with some humour. In one instance, he asks “who is this guy called Oscar and has he paid the bride price?”
Listen below.

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