Swaleh Mdoe in Court For Child Neglect

March 17, 2014

swalehmdoethumb_20140313Popular Citizen TV Swahili news anchor Swaleh Mdoe, is a man in trouble.  Apparently, a woman has filed a case in court seeking to have his salary attached for the upkeep of a child she claims he sired.
Fauzia Ahmed wants the court to order Mdoe’s employer to attach part of his salary for the upkeep of the child born in 2004. Fauzia, who says Swaleh earns over Sh 750,000 every month, claims he has neglected his parental responsibilities.
Through her lawyer, Danstan Mogaka, the children’s court has ordered that Swaleh appears in court and explain why he should not be put behind bars for disobeying court orders. The two are set to appear in court on May 17.
Fauzia claims she has cohabited with Mdoe since 2001 and in 2004 they got a baby girl.
Mdoe on the other hand strongly refutes these allegations saying he is not the biological father of the girl.
“I have never cohabited with the plaintiff, as she has failed to provide any details of where we lived. I’m a married man with a wife and children, and it would not have been possible to cohabit with someone else,” he said.

However, he confirmed he knew her in 2001 but denied earning Sh750,000 per month.
In 2011, Fauzia had obtained orders directing that a paternity test be carried out but nothing has been done to date.
She is seeking Sh 95,000 per month to cater for food, medical attention, clothing, house rent and school fees.
Additional Reporting by The Nairobian

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