Sanaipei Tande Talks Love, Career and Farming

March 5, 2014

Sana-Banner-31-1000x351There is no doubt that Sanaipei Tande is one of the best radio presenters in Kenya. Apart from hosting her show alongside the funny Obinah, she is also an acomplished singer.
Sanaipei was recently hosted by Eves Woman World where she opened up about her career, love and relationships.
She revealed she’s singer, but she will not jump into a relationship just like that.
“I feel a lot of today’s relationships, not all; lack the passion to keep them alive because most people are getting into it for all the wrong reasons. As for pet peeves, men who think flashing their money will get my attention! I find it shallow and illiterate.”
That off the table, she touched a little on her career and even revealed she might one day venture into farming.
“Well, I got back to radio, now on Easy FM midmorning with Obinna from 10am to 2pm. I also work for a company called Nusu Nusu Productions as a voice artiste, translator and occasionally, producer, and I am also writing songs for some artistes. I am also planning to release lots of singles this year. And who knows, I might also get into farming.”
There you have it, straight from the horses mouth.

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