Ray C Reveals The Guy That Introduced Her To Drugs

March 7, 2014

Ray-C-and-Lord-EyezRay C has finally revealed how she started using drugs. The singer, who recently started a foundation to help in eradication and sensitization of drug abuse among the youth, said the first time she smoked marijuana she had no idea it was laced with a stronger substance.
Ray C, at the time, was dating Tanzanian rapper Lord Eyes who she says introduced her to drugs.
“I was not aware that he used any hard drugs, I was only aware of light drugs during our one year of dating,” she told Vibeweekly.

Ray C further pointed out that it was love that led her to make the wrong decisions. She loved and trusted Lord Eyes who never told her that the marijuana they were using was laced.
“When I love, I love wholeheartedly so it is easy to be taken advantage of,” she said, adding that her mother had warned her against dating the rapper the first time she saw him.
However, she is thankful the issue befell her when she was still not married.
” I wouldn’t have liked my child to see me in that condition,” she said.
Asked if she was ready to date again, Ray C said her ideal man would have to be 40 years and older.
Ray C also had some advise for her ex.
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