Police To Summon Fake Document Clients as River Road’s Forgery Syndicate is Busted

March 20, 2014

odumaPolice arrested three people suspected of being behind a document forgery syndicate in River road on Tuesday night and have since issued a warning to people whose documents were found.
The three, were arrested at Simba Centre in a 6pm crack down that recovered an array of important documents such as Kenya Revenue Authority stamps, vehicle inspection stamps, passport photos, unprocessed driving licences, school leaving certificates and bank statements.
Central Police OCPD Patrick Oduma said the three will be arraigned in court on Thursday.
“We suspect that they have been operating the business for long and we hope to arrest others soon because we have crucial information that we are following. We partly blame these people for several accidents happening because they indirectly authorize unqualified people to drive,”  he said.
Mr Oduma also said that they will be summoning people whose documents were found at the premises.
“They should just come to the police stations because if they do not, we will find them. We have most of their documents,” he told Nairobi News.

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