MASSIVE THROWBACK – Photos of Broke Nonini, Juacali and Kleptomaniax When They Were Starting Out

March 24, 2014

Rarely do you get to see a whole group of artists before the money and the fame in a single photo. I came across this photo of Nonini, Kleptomaniax and Juacali when they were newbies in the music industry and it is nothing short of hilarious.
As we speak, Nonini is a father and although he still does music, he also sums up as a radio presenter. He is the self proclaimed godfather of genge music and is responsible for introducing the rap group P Unit. He is also the founder of colour kwa face initiative that donates sunscreens to albinos.
Jua cali, on the other hand, has not ventured into radio. He is still a full time musician and as we speak, he has a line of T-Shirts that are mostly printed his album names and some of his songs titles. He is also said to be a major shareholder at Calif Records.
The music career of Kleptomaniax was however a short one. As a matter of fact, the only one actively pursuing music is Collo. The rest, as they say in the streets, have gone under.
Enough about their careers, check them out while they were still broke.
Notice the fashion trend?

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