What Musicians Will Do To Celebrate E-sir’s Anniversary

March 14, 2014

esirOn March 16th 2003, Kenya lost one of the greatest rappers at the time, E-sir.
E-sir was returning home from an event at Club Dimples in Nakuru when he met his death along the Nakuru – Nairobi highway. He was accompanied by Nameless who survived with a few injuries.
His close friends and family have decided to celebrate his anniversary this year in a special way. Apparently, they will hold a concert at Carnivore grounds on April 2. The show will attract all artists who ever worked with him and all those who have recorded a song in his memory.
“Over the years, we have accustomed ourselves with just gathering at E-Sir’s graveyard, praying and presenting some flowers. But this year, we want it to be different. We are planning a show that will bring many local artistes together, who will perform as a tribute to E-Sir. They will include all the artistes who ever recorded a song with him and any other artiste who has ever recorded a song in his memory. It will be an epic night,” said Big pin.

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