Kidero and Wife Reconcile After Embarrassing Torn Sock Incident

March 28, 2014

kideroAlmost all men have ever found themselves rocking a torn sock, there is no doubt about that and this includes Nairobi governor Evans Kidero.  The only difference is, his was caught on Camera.
Reportedly, Kidero was attending the official opening of the Premiere Beauty Spa at Westlands in Nairobi over the weekend. All was going well until Kidero removed his shoes during an illustration. To everyone’s amazement, one of Kidero socks was torn and that did not escape one journalist who captured it on Camera.
kidero socksThe photos were posted on social media and when his wife saw them, she was shocked and annoyed at the same time questioning why the billionaire governor would wear a torn sock while he had so many in the house.
“I was very annoyed with him for wearing a ripped sock when he has so many new ones!” She said.
However, she has since cooled down and on Tuesday, she issued a public apology blaming Kidero’s busy schedule for compelling him to leave the house without her inspection.
On Wednesday, after a long day’s work, Kidero is also said to have apologised to his wife. He explained that the sock was torn by his nail when he was dressing up and promised to be more careful next time.
Speaking to Nairobi News, Kidero’s wife said that she had accepted his apology and all was well.
“I have accepted his explanation and all is well now,” she said, “We are learning that everything is potential news, even a sock.”

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