Another Kenyan, Rachel Marete Was Also a VIP at The Oscars

March 12, 2014

Rachel-Marete-11Did you know that Lupita was not the only Kenyan VIP at the Oscars? I bet you didn’t. Former beauty queen and miss universe crown holder Rachel Marete was also present at the prestigious event.
marete oscars
In fact, she had been invited as a VIP guest thanks to a movie she is working on.
“It wasn’t my day. I was there to celebrate Lupita, our great pride on her big day. I am so happy for her. I am working a movie project with a veteran Hollywood Actor. It is an independent film, not as huge as 12 Years a Slave, but Lupita’s victory is a door opener for me and other Kenyans. The great times have just begun for us,” she told Monday Blues.
She also revealed that Lupita was an inspiration to her and Kenya as whole.
“If there is one great thing Lupita has taught us, it is that we should all live up to our greatest potential and believe in ourselves. No matter where you come from, your dreams are valid,” she remarked.

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