Judge Ian’s Harsh Advice to Willy Paul at TPF4 Auditions

March 19, 2014

IpixAlmost everyday I come across a story that makes Lupita’s quote “No matter where you are from your dreams are valid” make so much sense. Willy Paul is probably the best gospel kid in Kenya. He has continued to hit the highest pinnacles with his hit songs and is on tour in the US as we speak.
Willy Paul once tried his luck at the Tusker Project Fame auditions and would you guess who was on the other side of the table,.. Judge Ian. The guy has this facial expressions that can make you forget words of your favorite song even before he utters anything. Back then, Willy Paul was just a naive boy from Mathare with a dream. He belted his tunes to Sauti Sol’s hit and that is when Ian did what he does best.
“Young man, where are you from?” as reported by Kenya Today.
When said he was from Mathare, here’s what Judge Ian advised him:
“Go and try garbage business in Mathare. You can’t sing!”
We can’t confirm those were the exact words, but all in all, your dream is valid.

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